Despacito…Mon Amour

This subject matter consists of explicit information. Reader discretion  is advised.

Lol…no it doesn’t. It’s just not as full of bullshit as the rest. The rest meaning all articles that fall into this type of category. What type of category you may ask…Well let’s find out.

Yeah  yeah it’s been like a month. or two. Who’s keeping up anyways? Well Kim, Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall are but I’ve Dm’d them to sort it out.  We digress. It’s been about a hot minute since I’ve posted but the truth is…there was a messy patch and now I’m like seriously professional and I talk in full sentences and I was on holiday so hey. All is well.

Oh yeah…topic.

I am an observer. I believe many people are. We go through our days trying to figure out what people are thinking,  why they are doing certain things and how we can improve ourselves by not making the same mistakes. ( to put it in a nutshell.) Fair enough, some of us never learn…but that’s how you learn. Right? Bullshit…sorry…some of us WILL never learn. The repetitive cycle of your daily routine and the harsh outcomes of life’s promises threw some people in the deep side. They lean on the hopes that something will happen one day and that when they get it all will be well. Happy freaking days.



Honestly, we are getting dumber by the generation. I am no different. We have a few minds that I can high-five subliminally because the waves connect. The rest I destroy with sarcasm. It’s one or the other. If you get past line one…well done. If you don’t…Hi. The truth is. This human brain of yours, use it. If you dissolve with the rest of the icebergs you probably deserved it. You have to make yourself happy. No one else will. You might think the world is against you but you are fighting AGAINST yourself. That civil war inside of you is only setting off negative energies that freaks people out.  What…. it does.

Walking with a grim face won’t get you any conversations. Grunting noises will only scare away opportunities. Silent treatment will make you insane. So, take a day to get your shit together. All of it. Every single drop. Put it in a bag or a box if you need to, literally just get your shit together and ….give yourself a f***ng chance!!!

I’m giving out professional unlicensed advice here. Free. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s someone’s type of coffee. or chai tea. Or latte. Or espresso. or…well you get the idea. Hot beverage. If you get offended by this …well you probably didn’t get past the first line did you??? I see you…and I acknowledge you. YOU are loved. Probably. I dunno.

So to cap off. Trust in your instincts. They are there for a reason. Also Google helps. And Siri. And Alexa too sometimes. If you don’t trust any of them…#asklolo. I give advice to people who ask for it. Help is everywhere.

Do not fool yourself into believing it’s okay.  Make it okay. Then make it better.

Okay I’ve said enough. (For now)

Shout out to my past for all the experience.  I owe you one. Shout out to my future for giving me opportunities. And shout out to all of you who passed the first line!  It was a tough post today but we gotta be hard sometimes. We are moving on…Thank you for the memories.. Have a great part of your day…Bye.

Be more. Be Endless. 

Mallie x



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