Try this on for size…

Contrary to popular belief I actually do like reading. It just has to be a really good book. And in order for me to find out if it’s a really good book, I need to read the damn thing. This is the problem. I don’t really like the starting part of most things whether it be series or books. I want to be dropped into the action, overwhelmed with confusion and then try to figure out who did what with whom and who stole Sally’s sandwich. (It was Bob btw, Savage).

The reason I started reading again other than study purposes was to distract myself from a few exterior dilemmas. Yes,  I have always turned to music when It comes to pulling myself towards myself but like my friend Ne-Yo would say “and I’m so sick of love songs”. Point proven to myself as music became monotonous and a catalyst for me being moody. Every song reminded me of that thiiiiing.

So I spoke to a good friend of mine and she told me about this book that she read that was so amazing and it just helped her figure things out. I was like, sold! Anything to take my mind off this. First thing I was aware of was the size. It wasn’t a really thick book.It had zero booty. Yay, couldn’t be that difficult to finish right? Right?

It took me a month.

All for good reason though. As I was a busy man I didn’t have too much time during the day to sit still and read, and at night I had other obligations. Find time . I read pages here and there and sometimes whole chapters. As I read, it was almost as if each part of this book played a role in my daily life. Majority metaphorically.  Challenges and solutions popped up and when I struggled, the book was there to distract me. That so-called distraction was the answer to most of my problems. This book has been around for many years and well its status has been justified by a brilliant read.

The Alchemist.

I am not going to write a review on this it will take too long, also many of you haven’t read it and might want to read it now. All I will say is…in a world where “corporate” governs all, we might have lost our imagination a little bit. It does not matter how old you are or if you have been doing the same thing for 20 years, no one will judge you for trying.  Change is scary. It’s very scary. We have so many “what if’s”. So many people who we don’t want to disappoint or look a fool in front of.  (Side note)Man I’m so proud of all my friends and family that just shrugged off all the negativity and worked hard to be where they are now. That is what I call determination. The book is all about inspiring you to try, never give up,  believing in yourself, trusting in your faith and reaching your full potential.

No one can blame your for trying. You’ll never know if you don’t try. Books are still very relevant today.  Most of our articles we read online or we skim through pictures with cool captions. Times change. We gotta roll with it. Reading becomes less and we will soon be playing 30 seconds with a dash of charades with each other. (Which I don’t mind because I’m the champ . Ask anyone.) Don’t ask my family they’re all sore losers.  

In conclusion, I never thought I would have time to finish a book. I love the thought of reading but the act is just too time consuming and monotonous, which is a bit paradoxical. But when you get into it, like a good series, you gotta finish it. Be brave my millennials. You might find a treat in a book. Not the free perfume/lotion samples in magazines, the lessons lol.  You know what, it doesn’t have to be a book but read something today and tell me about. Might be a joke, a fortune cookie or your favourite lyrics. No pressure. Happy reading.  Have a wonderful part of your day…

Be more. Be endless.

Mallie x


One thought on “Try this on for size…

  1. Hallelujah I love that Book man. Wow it literally changed my perspective of life.
    Another great life book written by Rick Warren, “Purpose Driven Life”.
    God bless you, great article


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