Let’s talk Music…

You probably didn’t expect another one so soon but hey, the wind blows when it wants and where. So here I am again with a topic so mouth-watering, so complex and intriguing, so diverse and enticing  that I immediately start singing the first falsetto note that comes to mind…and boy do I stretch it. Bring it Mariah…

I guess most of us has dreamt about singing in front of a live audience or creating your own Idols audition in your bedroom or bathroom mirror. It’s a big deal isn’t it. Whether or not you can sing is another story, but for now we’ll believe you can. Moving on…


I would like to, no, I would LOVE to delve into the deeper more intricate parts of music. What makes it so captivating other than your favourite artists or a catchy beat. What does music mean to you on a higher level. We have so many different genres that completes that cycle of melodious bliss. I can’t lie. I have been swept away by some beautiful, graceful “liquid poetry” and then stimulated frantically by some low vibrating bass. All of these senses are captured physically with slick body movements that my mirrored self applauds proudly. Spectators would say otherwise.

So, meaning. The soul dictates the passion of your personality. Your personality creates the foundation of your taste. Your character evolves throughout experiences so it doesn’t really apply too much but your taste in music starts off where you heard your first melody drop. I know that when we where young, our families exposed us to some sort of music genre that made you swaaay as a baby. Whether it was on one of those old school vinyl players or a tape player…the foundation was laid there and from there on you build up a life times playlist of epic proportion.

The older we get the more meaning songs have to them. I used to deafen the people three blocks away with speakers I had just because I knew at that time having human sized speakers would establish my knowledge in music. That wasn’t quite true was it. Nevertheless we would grow older to find that different genres exist. Cool. Now I know more. Right?


I guess for you to truly understand the labyrinth of music’s depth,  you would have to participate in it actively. Which means singing,  playing a musical instrument or creating it on some platform like being a DJ or a conductor. I used to create meaningful raps at a very high tempo bar rate . Then we slowed it down to a more smooth RnB style. Still learning along the way and then learning to the  guitar to make our own songs. Keep in mind that you probably do the same everyday. Driving in your car you sing along to your more commercial type jams. Sometimes you don’t even know you’re doing it. Car karaoke bright?? Lol .

When the time comes and you truly appreciate and acknowledge the power of music, it becomes an everyday thing. Simple things remind you of a melody you heard. Songs bring up memories of the past. You start using lyrics in your normal everyday sentences, and sometimes you sing when you talk to people. It’s absolutely NORMAL. In the sense of the word. Ultimately it  progresses into your household, you working environment(CAD), your playlist on your phone and you create a relationship with it. Music can become so powerful it embraces religions and spirituality. I’ve seen it. It’s beautiful.

We can go on forever and I have probably just scratched the surface. There are so many more levels and experiences to music, these were just some of my thoughts. If you had some revelation please do share your knowledge. As we go on music never really gets understood fully, and that’s the beauty of it. It changes as we change. With our age, our personality, our moods, our emotional maturity. Hold on to what you understand and expand your knowledge into different genres. So many answers and possibilities there.

This was a brief yet elaborate piece of art that will increase its value over time. Influenced by me, CAD was created with a love for music. It seeps through the styling and fluency. Graceful as a musical note through a smokey jazz lounge. Never really forgotten. It’s been a pleasure. Have a great part of your day. Keep listening…

Be More. Be Endless. 

Mallie x


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