Tell me about it…

So, Hi again.

Tell me…

Are you a weekend special? Or let’s say you are a weekend specialist.Do you perhaps get anxious when it comes to Friday night knowing that Saturday looms and you will have to be ready for some sort of “mission” or occasion or get together.  It’s a  strenuous  passage of life isn’t it.? The week leading up is probably consumed by work, school, studies or other “constructive” socializing. Pickle..isn’t it.

Pretty much everyone has been aroused by the thought of getting overwhelmed with the sensation of mainstreaming. The sensation of  collaboration with the same wave lengths. The simpler term would be to fit in while enjoying yourself. But that is where the stressful factor comes in. Topic of today?? ding!

I stumbled across this train of thought whilst doing a coffee run at a nearby coffee shop. Saturday morning, so chaos erupts when the regular Hazelnut Latte is weaved between a crowd of people waiting on an order. The topic of the overheard conversation was “Where’s the party tonight?” . Simple question, mixed emotions. The confusion on some of the faces. If you are not invited, the sheer thought of not doing anything or not being socially active every single weekend, breaks some people.

I know, I was there too. It’s a generational phase. Some carry through to their old age, (rebels) and some grow out of the guilty thought of not being there. (FOMO)

So, are you a weekend special…or do you have some sort of control of your social life. Both answers are acceptable. Really, it is your choice. Just don’t stress too much if you miss out sometimes. It’s good to have the creative juices flowing or to embark on a journey of self discovery.  Let your body rest. Let your mind rest. Think happy thoughtsssss.

Find your own little bubble. Whether it be a snotbubble or a fartbubble. You decide. Don’t focus too much on missing out. Life gets lived by those who make every moment a moment. Don’t waste time waiting for stuff to miraculously happen. Make it happen and THEN give it time to develop. You are gifted with potential. Do not just be another face in the crowd. Be the one on stage. MAKING IT WORK.  CAD IT.

Crazyassduude is a universal cry for individualism, unity in diversity and potentially the biggest (new) personality Game Changer incubated for a smashing release. It’s a YOU brand. Look good feel good kinda thing.

CAD believes in you, now believe in yourself.

Be More. Be Endless.

Mallie x









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