To be completely honest, it was inevitable. A clothing brand in the making. Yes. In the making. I’ve designed the heart of the brand, made a few samples and now we have a client demand. It’s crazy…i know. So, btw, my name is Lorenzo. I am the founder, creator, editor, ceo and director of this growing snowball called Crazyassduude Productions. A proudly South African feel good brand. The style that makes you feel that you can DO anything! Be anybody! and fit in whee ever the heck you want to!! You need to create yourself, and this brand is here to help you discover your potential.  “CAD” was designed for a feel good/positive vibe casual wear. You feel confident and brave and ready to face another day when you wear it. It’s oozing with Creative/Modern/Powerful/Tech and even fitness prowess. Enough said…look at it and tell me how it makes you feel??? Feel empowered yet?? Feeeeeling ready to conquer? Good …so as we say…CAD believes in you,  now believe in yourself.

Me: “Be More. Be Endless.” 2017



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