To be completely honest, it was inevitable. A clothing brand in the making. Yes. In the making. I’ve designed the heart of the brand, made a few samples and now we have a client demand. It’s crazy…i know. So, btw, my name is Lorenzo. I am the founder, creator, editor, ceo and director of this growing snowball called Crazyassduude Productions. A proudly South African feel good brand. The style that makes you feel that you can DO anything! Be anybody! and fit in whee ever the heck you want to!! You need to create yourself, and this brand is here to help you discover your potential.  “CAD” was designed for a feel good/positive vibe casual wear. You feel confident and brave and ready to face another day when you wear it. It’s oozing with Creative/Modern/Powerful/Tech and even fitness prowess. Enough said…look at it and tell me how it makes you feel??? Feel empowered yet?? Feeeeeling ready to conquer? Good …so as we say…CAD believes in you,  now believe in yourself.

Me: “Be More. Be Endless.” 2017



Despacito…Mon Amour

This subject matter consists of explicit information. Reader discretion  is advised.

Lol…no it doesn’t. It’s just not as full of bullshit as the rest. The rest meaning all articles that fall into this type of category. What type of category you may ask…Well let’s find out.

Yeah  yeah it’s been like a month. or two. Who’s keeping up anyways? Well Kim, Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall are but I’ve Dm’d them to sort it out.  We digress. It’s been about a hot minute since I’ve posted but the truth is…there was a messy patch and now I’m like seriously professional and I talk in full sentences and I was on holiday so hey. All is well.

Oh yeah…topic.

I am an observer. I believe many people are. We go through our days trying to figure out what people are thinking,  why they are doing certain things and how we can improve ourselves by not making the same mistakes. ( to put it in a nutshell.) Fair enough, some of us never learn…but that’s how you learn. Right? Bullshit…sorry…some of us WILL never learn. The repetitive cycle of your daily routine and the harsh outcomes of life’s promises threw some people in the deep side. They lean on the hopes that something will happen one day and that when they get it all will be well. Happy freaking days.



Honestly, we are getting dumber by the generation. I am no different. We have a few minds that I can high-five subliminally because the waves connect. The rest I destroy with sarcasm. It’s one or the other. If you get past line one…well done. If you don’t…Hi. The truth is. This human brain of yours, use it. If you dissolve with the rest of the icebergs you probably deserved it. You have to make yourself happy. No one else will. You might think the world is against you but you are fighting AGAINST yourself. That civil war inside of you is only setting off negative energies that freaks people out.  What…. it does.

Walking with a grim face won’t get you any conversations. Grunting noises will only scare away opportunities. Silent treatment will make you insane. So, take a day to get your shit together. All of it. Every single drop. Put it in a bag or a box if you need to, literally just get your shit together and ….give yourself a f***ng chance!!!

I’m giving out professional unlicensed advice here. Free. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s someone’s type of coffee. or chai tea. Or latte. Or espresso. or…well you get the idea. Hot beverage. If you get offended by this …well you probably didn’t get past the first line did you??? I see you…and I acknowledge you. YOU are loved. Probably. I dunno.

So to cap off. Trust in your instincts. They are there for a reason. Also Google helps. And Siri. And Alexa too sometimes. If you don’t trust any of them…#asklolo. I give advice to people who ask for it. Help is everywhere.

Do not fool yourself into believing it’s okay.  Make it okay. Then make it better.

Okay I’ve said enough. (For now)

Shout out to my past for all the experience.  I owe you one. Shout out to my future for giving me opportunities. And shout out to all of you who passed the first line!  It was a tough post today but we gotta be hard sometimes. We are moving on…Thank you for the memories.. Have a great part of your day…Bye.

Be more. Be Endless. 

Mallie x


Try this on for size…

Contrary to popular belief I actually do like reading. It just has to be a really good book. And in order for me to find out if it’s a really good book, I need to read the damn thing. This is the problem. I don’t really like the starting part of most things whether it be series or books. I want to be dropped into the action, overwhelmed with confusion and then try to figure out who did what with whom and who stole Sally’s sandwich. (It was Bob btw, Savage).

The reason I started reading again other than study purposes was to distract myself from a few exterior dilemmas. Yes,  I have always turned to music when It comes to pulling myself towards myself but like my friend Ne-Yo would say “and I’m so sick of love songs”. Point proven to myself as music became monotonous and a catalyst for me being moody. Every song reminded me of that thiiiiing.

So I spoke to a good friend of mine and she told me about this book that she read that was so amazing and it just helped her figure things out. I was like, sold! Anything to take my mind off this. First thing I was aware of was the size. It wasn’t a really thick book.It had zero booty. Yay, couldn’t be that difficult to finish right? Right?

It took me a month.

All for good reason though. As I was a busy man I didn’t have too much time during the day to sit still and read, and at night I had other obligations. Find time . I read pages here and there and sometimes whole chapters. As I read, it was almost as if each part of this book played a role in my daily life. Majority metaphorically.  Challenges and solutions popped up and when I struggled, the book was there to distract me. That so-called distraction was the answer to most of my problems. This book has been around for many years and well its status has been justified by a brilliant read.

The Alchemist.

I am not going to write a review on this it will take too long, also many of you haven’t read it and might want to read it now. All I will say is…in a world where “corporate” governs all, we might have lost our imagination a little bit. It does not matter how old you are or if you have been doing the same thing for 20 years, no one will judge you for trying.  Change is scary. It’s very scary. We have so many “what if’s”. So many people who we don’t want to disappoint or look a fool in front of.  (Side note)Man I’m so proud of all my friends and family that just shrugged off all the negativity and worked hard to be where they are now. That is what I call determination. The book is all about inspiring you to try, never give up,  believing in yourself, trusting in your faith and reaching your full potential.

No one can blame your for trying. You’ll never know if you don’t try. Books are still very relevant today.  Most of our articles we read online or we skim through pictures with cool captions. Times change. We gotta roll with it. Reading becomes less and we will soon be playing 30 seconds with a dash of charades with each other. (Which I don’t mind because I’m the champ . Ask anyone.) Don’t ask my family they’re all sore losers.  

In conclusion, I never thought I would have time to finish a book. I love the thought of reading but the act is just too time consuming and monotonous, which is a bit paradoxical. But when you get into it, like a good series, you gotta finish it. Be brave my millennials. You might find a treat in a book. Not the free perfume/lotion samples in magazines, the lessons lol.  You know what, it doesn’t have to be a book but read something today and tell me about. Might be a joke, a fortune cookie or your favourite lyrics. No pressure. Happy reading.  Have a wonderful part of your day…

Be more. Be endless.

Mallie x

Let’s talk Music…

You probably didn’t expect another one so soon but hey, the wind blows when it wants and where. So here I am again with a topic so mouth-watering, so complex and intriguing, so diverse and enticing  that I immediately start singing the first falsetto note that comes to mind…and boy do I stretch it. Bring it Mariah…

I guess most of us has dreamt about singing in front of a live audience or creating your own Idols audition in your bedroom or bathroom mirror. It’s a big deal isn’t it. Whether or not you can sing is another story, but for now we’ll believe you can. Moving on…


I would like to, no, I would LOVE to delve into the deeper more intricate parts of music. What makes it so captivating other than your favourite artists or a catchy beat. What does music mean to you on a higher level. We have so many different genres that completes that cycle of melodious bliss. I can’t lie. I have been swept away by some beautiful, graceful “liquid poetry” and then stimulated frantically by some low vibrating bass. All of these senses are captured physically with slick body movements that my mirrored self applauds proudly. Spectators would say otherwise.

So, meaning. The soul dictates the passion of your personality. Your personality creates the foundation of your taste. Your character evolves throughout experiences so it doesn’t really apply too much but your taste in music starts off where you heard your first melody drop. I know that when we where young, our families exposed us to some sort of music genre that made you swaaay as a baby. Whether it was on one of those old school vinyl players or a tape player…the foundation was laid there and from there on you build up a life times playlist of epic proportion.

The older we get the more meaning songs have to them. I used to deafen the people three blocks away with speakers I had just because I knew at that time having human sized speakers would establish my knowledge in music. That wasn’t quite true was it. Nevertheless we would grow older to find that different genres exist. Cool. Now I know more. Right?


I guess for you to truly understand the labyrinth of music’s depth,  you would have to participate in it actively. Which means singing,  playing a musical instrument or creating it on some platform like being a DJ or a conductor. I used to create meaningful raps at a very high tempo bar rate . Then we slowed it down to a more smooth RnB style. Still learning along the way and then learning to the  guitar to make our own songs. Keep in mind that you probably do the same everyday. Driving in your car you sing along to your more commercial type jams. Sometimes you don’t even know you’re doing it. Car karaoke bright?? Lol .

When the time comes and you truly appreciate and acknowledge the power of music, it becomes an everyday thing. Simple things remind you of a melody you heard. Songs bring up memories of the past. You start using lyrics in your normal everyday sentences, and sometimes you sing when you talk to people. It’s absolutely NORMAL. In the sense of the word. Ultimately it  progresses into your household, you working environment(CAD), your playlist on your phone and you create a relationship with it. Music can become so powerful it embraces religions and spirituality. I’ve seen it. It’s beautiful.

We can go on forever and I have probably just scratched the surface. There are so many more levels and experiences to music, these were just some of my thoughts. If you had some revelation please do share your knowledge. As we go on music never really gets understood fully, and that’s the beauty of it. It changes as we change. With our age, our personality, our moods, our emotional maturity. Hold on to what you understand and expand your knowledge into different genres. So many answers and possibilities there.

This was a brief yet elaborate piece of art that will increase its value over time. Influenced by me, CAD was created with a love for music. It seeps through the styling and fluency. Graceful as a musical note through a smokey jazz lounge. Never really forgotten. It’s been a pleasure. Have a great part of your day. Keep listening…

Be More. Be Endless. 

Mallie x

Tell me about it…

So, Hi again.

Tell me…

Are you a weekend special? Or let’s say you are a weekend specialist.Do you perhaps get anxious when it comes to Friday night knowing that Saturday looms and you will have to be ready for some sort of “mission” or occasion or get together.  It’s a  strenuous  passage of life isn’t it.? The week leading up is probably consumed by work, school, studies or other “constructive” socializing. Pickle..isn’t it.

Pretty much everyone has been aroused by the thought of getting overwhelmed with the sensation of mainstreaming. The sensation of  collaboration with the same wave lengths. The simpler term would be to fit in while enjoying yourself. But that is where the stressful factor comes in. Topic of today?? ding!

I stumbled across this train of thought whilst doing a coffee run at a nearby coffee shop. Saturday morning, so chaos erupts when the regular Hazelnut Latte is weaved between a crowd of people waiting on an order. The topic of the overheard conversation was “Where’s the party tonight?” . Simple question, mixed emotions. The confusion on some of the faces. If you are not invited, the sheer thought of not doing anything or not being socially active every single weekend, breaks some people.

I know, I was there too. It’s a generational phase. Some carry through to their old age, (rebels) and some grow out of the guilty thought of not being there. (FOMO)

So, are you a weekend special…or do you have some sort of control of your social life. Both answers are acceptable. Really, it is your choice. Just don’t stress too much if you miss out sometimes. It’s good to have the creative juices flowing or to embark on a journey of self discovery.  Let your body rest. Let your mind rest. Think happy thoughtsssss.

Find your own little bubble. Whether it be a snotbubble or a fartbubble. You decide. Don’t focus too much on missing out. Life gets lived by those who make every moment a moment. Don’t waste time waiting for stuff to miraculously happen. Make it happen and THEN give it time to develop. You are gifted with potential. Do not just be another face in the crowd. Be the one on stage. MAKING IT WORK.  CAD IT.

Crazyassduude is a universal cry for individualism, unity in diversity and potentially the biggest (new) personality Game Changer incubated for a smashing release. It’s a YOU brand. Look good feel good kinda thing.

CAD believes in you, now believe in yourself.

Be More. Be Endless.

Mallie x








The Bumpy Road…

As many of you would expect, starting something, even if it’s just a daily habit, can be a drag. I guess i did just wake up one day and decided to start a clothing brand. Come to think of it, that is a scary revelation. But what if i didn’t do it? It would still be a thought in the back of my head burning my Occipital  lobe to the point where my vision, my goals become a blurry distant mirage. And that’s what’s metaphorically happening to the majority of us. We stick to what we know, awesome, but what if you could unlock your full potential? What if you are a tech Guru with all kinds of knowledge to pursue a career  in that field. What if you love reading but never thought you could write your own books because well, you stuck to what you know. What you know you already know..for a reason. The world is so much bigger than what we would ever imagine. So many hidden stories to be told and written, so many pictures to be taken and presented, so many songs to be played and created. You could be the next..well you! If you found what you love and you are happy…great ! You are where you need to be and will flourish at what you do. I promise. To those who are still wondering whether or not you should be doing something else..test your mind. Start off what you desire as a hobby, give it time. Learn to adapt and manage. Progression is a self taught realization. You might not see it but others will. Be consistent and determined. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to family and friends. Open up. I personally had so much negativity take over that my friends pulled me out of the slumps and i refocused myself towards my main goals.

You will never know if you do not try.

That is what life is all about. Figure out what makes you happy or what triggers your happy dance. Push to create yourself and then just work,work,work,work…soon you’ll reaping your rewards and then work will feel like play.

CAD believes in you. I believe in you. Now believe in yourself…

Be more. Be ENDLESS.